Popular Poké Restaurant Pokéworks Plans Expansions Across the Country

While poké - raw fish salad that originates from Hawaii - appears to be a rapidly growing trend in NYC, the expansion of popular chains like Pokéworks is a testament to the fact that this cuisine is not just a trend, but a fan favorite that is here to stay. Pokéworks specializes in build-your-own poké bowls, burritos, or salads that incorporate fresh fish tossed in sweet and savory sauces over a bed of rice and other toppings.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to your nearest Pokéworks to create your own delicious lunch! Pokéworks is slated to open multiple location across the country in the coming years, including Seattle, Houston, Chicago, and even Vancouver in our neighbor up north in Canada!

By Jane Seo | Read more: Buzzfeed