You're Missing Out if You Haven't Hopped Aboard the Poke Craze Yet

Some food trends take the slow-poke route to success. Not so far for poke. Lately, the appearance of this delicious raw fish dish from Hawaii has swelled as dramatically as a peak wave at Waikiki.

Over the last few years, poke restaurants and stands have been popping up in L.A. and San Francisco seemingly every week. Now the trend has struck New York, and even Boston.

Food swirled in bowls has become an increasing trend over the years, though Pokeworks also offer one whimsical alternative. They have a burrito-like option, with fish in the center, crowded by rice and other colorful ingredients, and bound by seaweed to create a gigantic, temaki-like hand roll.

Think: the Chipotle of Poke.

By Jim Farber | Read more: NY Daily News