Best of Both Worlds: You Can Get a Sushi Burrito in Boston

Sushi now comes in a burrito form for Bostonians who want to bring it with them on-the-go.

Pokéworks in Somerville, Massachusetts is the first real restaurant in Boston to offer the Sushi Burrito to its customers who want a new kind of sushi experience.

Instead of a tortilla wrap you see on a normal burrito, their unique burrito starts with seaweed with a layer of rice on top.

Customers can choose from ahi tuna, salmon, albacore tuna, shrimp, scallops, chicken or organiz tofu for their protein. The flavor comes next with choices like umami shoyu, spicy ginger, or sweet chili gochujang.

That is all well and good, but it is the ingredients you can mix in and put on top of your burrito is what makes is goldmine of flavor. These guys offer up choices like edamame, chopped shiso, pickled ginger, wonton crisps, spicy furikake or the classic wasabi to add into your burrito.

The guys over at Pokéworks say that it is a crowd favorite among both burrito and sushi-lovers alike.

By Rob Michaelson | Read more: NBC Boston