Pokéworks is a ground-breaking, fast-casual restaurant concept that began on a rainy day in December of 2015 in Midtown Manhattan.  Today it is the largest, fastest growing poke franchise chain in North America. 

After many months of menu and brand development, Pokéworks was born on that quiet Winter day with a trickle of curious New Yorkers that wondered in to experience poke for the first time.  Weeks later, hundreds stood in line outside that tiny restaurant willing to wait 45 minutes or more to build their own healthy, great tasting poke burrito or bowl.

Media consensus is that Pokéworks’ extraordinary consumer appeal has been fueled by the exceptional quality and affordability of our diverse chef-driven menu.  Professional restaurateurs marvel at the inexpensive kitchen, easy to execute menu with no deep frying, no hood requirement as well as the efficiency of a small foot-print and high potential revenue per square foot.  As a result, we are the regular recipient of institutional franchisees eager to open multiple Pokéworks restaurant locations in primary, secondary and food focused markets near them.