Pokeworks is a ground-breaking, healthy fast-casual restaurant concept that began on a rainy day in December of 2015 in a tiny location in Midtown Manhattan.  Today, it has grown into one of the largest and fastest growing poke brands in the nation and one we can proudly say is anchored almost entirely with multi-unit institutional franchisees. 

Pokeworks was born on that quiet Winter day with a trickle of curious New Yorkers that wondered in to experience poke for the first time.  Weeks later, hundreds stood in line outside our tiny restaurant willing to wait 45 minutes or more to build their own poke burrito or bowl.  While more than 700 New Yorkers were enjoying our poke per day, our ground breaking “The ‘Sushi Burrito’ has hit NYC and its amazing” video went viral and received more than 42 million views. As a result, Pokeworks quickly became known worldwide as one of the leading poke franchise brands.

Media consensus is that Pokeworks’ extraordinary consumer appeal is fueled by the exceptional quality, efficiency and affordability of our healthy chef-driven menu.  Restaurateurs on the other hand marvel at our easy to execute menu as well as the simplicity of our kitchens with no hood, no deep frying and no in-ground grease trap requirement. 

While growing quickly with experienced multi-unit franchisees, Pokeworks has joined forces with Toridoll Holdings Corporation. The agreement with the $1.6 billion publicly traded restaurant giant (TYO: 3397) was specifically designed by both parties to leverage Toridoll’s considerable expertise in global brand development while allowing Pokeworks to maintain its successful founder-led focus and control. Our goal is to further solidify Pokeworks’ high-quality and affordable brand as the leader in the fast-growing poke segment world-wide.



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Pokeworks is driven by the countless nationwide reviews praising our affordable, healthy and premium dining. Recognized for their insightful and friendly services, our team members strive for the best quality experience. At our core we are a brand built on creativity, excellence and social responsibility. 

We are passionate about sustainable seafood and organic feeling restaurants built from local environmentally responsible materials.  Equally important is that our uncomplicated business model allows all of us to have fun doing what we do, which we truly believe is at the very heart of our poke franchise popularity.




Pokeworks combines an exceptional business opportunity with true segment leading brand differentiation.  We are committed to a rapid yet intelligent growth that is focused on benefiting a roster of institutional franchisees developing multiple locations in primary, secondary and foodie focused markets everywhere.

Dedicated to the highest standards of intelligent investment, we have created an inexpensive and uncluttered cohesive restaurant design that averages 1250 square feet but can range in size from 500 to 2000 square feet. Our Asian fusion menu caters to anyone with various dietary restrictions, including those maintaining gluten-free, nut-free, vegetarian, vegan and cooked or raw protein diets.



In all our interactions, we strive to deal with others as we would have them deal with us.  As a result, we have proactively equipped our organization with premium franchisee profit-centric systems that are designed to vigilantly protect of our most valuable assets… our franchisees.  Those support elements include:

  • Cost-free project funding review by industry experts
  • National site selection and lease negotiation
  • Award-winning environmentally friendly design
  • National construction management support
  • Comprehensive 2 to 3-week initial training
  • Operative POS, scheduling, and inventory control systems
  • National purchasing and procurement program
  • Grand Opening marketing and event planning

Business development support:

  • Online and mobile app ordering technology
  • Traditional and digital internet advertising initiatives 
  • Strong social media programming and guidance
  • Local and brand centric public relations assistance 
  • High-profile contributing chef menu development 
  • Innovative and effective marketing initiatives
  • Community fundraisers and campaigning efforts
  • Exceptional fresh, sustainable seafood supplier


We are committed to continue to build on our segment leading poke franchise position with professional franchisees who are philosophically aligned with our culture and passion for providing the healthiest, highest quality poke possible at an affordable price.  We welcome multi-unit, international, master franchise development with well-funded, experienced restaurant groups that have a familiarity with their markets and have a strong understanding of strategic menu sourcing.

Ideal North American candidates have 3+ years of food and beverage experience and a minimum of $100,000 in available capital for each restaurant they wish to develop. With a total initial investment starting as low as $250,000 for each restaurant, Pokéworks restaurants operating the entire 2017 calendar year had an impressive Average Gross Sales of $1,576,423.  

Multi-unit location development is preferred (not required) for primary and secondary markets.  Single unit development is a consideration in smaller thriving markets in North America. To help protect your investment, a cost-free project funding assessment will be made available.

If you would like to join other highly accomplished multi-unit franchise owners in one of the most notable healthy, fast-casual restaurant franchises in modern memory, we welcome your inquiry.  We will be happy to address your initial questions and review available opportunities in your market.